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Pawprints on my heart

Beloved Sadie Marie

My inspiration to breed quality German Shepherds started with our dog, Sadie Marie.

We acquired Sadie at the age of 8 weeks old from an unscrupulous, non-selective breeder who “accidentally” had a little of puppies. She was a loyal companion, protector, and very intelligent. She learned all her basic commands quickly and was very well trained by 5-6 months of age.

When Sadie was 6 months old, we found out she had severe hip dysplasia. Although we would have done everything to make her comfortable for this, we never got the chance to.

At 10 months old, Sadie became extremely ill. After several tests, we were told that Sadie had hereditary liver failure. We lost her June 26, 2010.

She left deep paw prints on our hearts before she crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, and gave us 8 months of pure joy and countless memories.

Our goal is to produce quality, healthy, and affordable German Shepherd puppies with the intentions that others will have MANY MORE memories with their puppy and not suffer the heartache that we endured after the loss of Sadie.

We are selective with our breeding dogs, and have only pure good intentions on breeding quality and healthy puppies for your consideration.

Our dogs live in the home with us as part of the family or pack. We feed high quality food and use holistic treatments and preventative care as much as possible because we believe it’s healthier for the dogs overall. We take every precaution to separate our breeding dogs when we do NOT have the desire to breed, without forcing them to be kenneled outside.

Our primary concern is healthy and happy dogs! And we will make every effort to produce the same for YOU!

Thank you for viewing our website! Please take a look around and feel free to ask any questions you may have.

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